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MSI Racing Products

MSI Racing Products is a full service machining facility and manufacturer that utilizes state of the art machinery to provide quality machined components for the racing industry.  Located near Mooresville, North Carolina, in the heart of the NASCAR community, MSI manufactures a product line that has evolved as a result of direct input from some of the industries leading teams. Understanding the needs of this community and offering flexibility is what has set MSI apart from other manufacturers.

MSI is the leading source of wheel studs and lug nuts for the NASCAR industry and manufactures over twenty different lengths of studs to accommodate the wide range of set-ups a team must face throughout the racing season. The specially coated lug nut coupled with the wheel stud forms a combination that has proven successful time and time again.

MSI studs, lug nuts, and pit sockets are the standard choice for IMSA teams and most production based racing involving traditional wheel studs.  Morehead Speed Works highly recommends MSI studs and nuts for all our customers.  We’ve been using them for 3+ seasons without a single failure or issue.  Keeping your wheels securely mounted is of the highest priority, get only the best.

MSI M12x1.5mm Coated Lug Nuts


MSRP: $5.23

The toughest lug nuts available for your race or track car.  Special coating allows for consistent torque values.  Available with either a 19mm or 17mm hex head.


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MSI 19mm Metric Pit Socket


MSRP: $62.35

For the fastest tire changes you’ll need this quality MSI made pit socket.  Used in combination with MSI coated studs and nuts, there isn’t a better combination.  19mm is the preferred size and is compatible with most wheels (including Apex ARC-8, Forgelines, BimmerWorld TE:AL, and many others)

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MSI M12x1.5 BMW Race Wheel Studs


The very best BMW race wheel studs available for your car.

MSI’s wheel stud/lugnut combination has consistently proven to be the quickest way off pit road.  MSI’s product line has evolved as a result of direct input from many of NASCAR’s leading teams. MSI is the wheel stud supplier of choice for IMSA, World Challenge, and most professional road racing teams.

Sold Individually

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