Webstore Questions

Only if the price is from an authorized dealer and is in compliance with the product manufacturer’s pricing requirements.  Often times you’ll find parts from unauthorized retailers (eBay or Amazon are full of them) who are selling counterfeit products.  OE and replacement parts are excluded from our price match policy.

We offer discounts to veterans (active duty, retired, or honorably discharge), as well as law enforcement officers and first responders.  Inquire via email to [email protected]

Absolutely!  We do this all the time and have address information stored for most of the US road racing facilities.  Check our race schedule to see if we’ll be attending an even near you.

Of course!  We have a small showroom in our Lexington, SC shop with a selection of racing fluids, safety equipment, and other common race parts.

Yes, but only over the phone.  We are a small race shop and often times we are at the track or unable to provide immediate shipping.  If you need a part ASAP, always call before placing an order.

Yes you can… you can order the parts individually through our website or by buying several of our product bundles.

We can also put together a quote and ship you a complete “race car” on a pallet with potential savings by ordering all at once.

Race Shop Questions

In most cases no.  We can not be sure that you have selected the correct parts and that they will fit or be compatible with your vehicle.  On a case-by-case basis we may approve of customer provided parts, with the understanding that we offer no warranty or guarantee that the parts will perform as expected.

We’ve gained a great deal of experience through our work on track and race cars on what works well and what just doesn’t.  So we know which parts to select to achieve the best results.

In most cases no.  We do offer services and upgrades related to track performance.  Examples would be coilovers, sway bars, performance oriented alignments, etc.  We do not offer services related to drag racing, off-roading, or other non-road racing related motorsports.  As always, you can call to confirm.

Yes we do.  While BMWs are our specialty, we do offer service for other makes and models.  Our emphasis is on road racing, so some of the most common models we’ve worked on are Miata/MX5, Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, FR-S/BRZ/GT86, MR2, Lotus, and Porsches.

Sorry, customers are not allowed to perform work on our property.  Insurance and liability prohibit it.

While we do have a dyno, we do not personally tune cars.  We have the ability to complete remote tuning with your chosen tuner.  We regularly work with Epic Motorsports to provide custom remote tunes.  There is such a wide variety of hardware and software requirements that we simply can’t offer tuning to all vehicles.

We typically have a few Racetech seats on hand and several cars in the shop with race seats you can try.  We normally don’t stock many seats, as we try to ship the very latest FIA dates to our customers.  Call ahead if you are looking for a specific seat to try out.

From time to time we assist our clients in selling their used race cars.  When available we always post information on our social media channels and also on our website.  If you buy a used race car from us, there is no warranty, implied or otherwise.  However, we do provide a free pre-purchase inspections and complete disclosure of the vehicles condition.

Of course.  If the vehicle is local to us we can even do it at the vehicle’s location.  We typically prefer to have the car here at our shop so we have access to tools like compression testers, leak down equipment, and our dyno.  We provide a thorough checklist of the results of the inspection, as well as dyno graphs if desired.