Morehead Speed Works races in the highly competitive Spec E46 class with our #66 shop race car.

Next time you’re at a track event in the Southeast, chances are there’s at least one race car sporting an MSW decal or windshield banner.  Morehead Speed Works has been an active participant in the Spec E46 class of amateur racing since 2015 when we built one of the very first SE46 cars.  That car, #66, is still racing strong and is the test bed for almost every product we sell.

Morehead Speed Works also takes an active role in supporting other racers through discounts, sponsorship, prizes, consultation, and track-side support.

Members of the MSW Racing Family (our loyal customers) have competed and won at the highest level, including multiple regional championships and the inaugural SE46 national championship.

We’re happy to help anyone, even our closest competitors, at the track.  So if you need to borrow a tool or perhaps a hand, just stop by and give a shout.  Check our calendar for upcoming events that we’ll be attending.

If you are interested in promoting your product or business through a partnership with Morehead Speed Works, please send us a short message using our contact page.

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