Featured Brand: CAE


CAE Shifting TechnologyMorehead Speed Works (MSW) is an authorized dealer of the best shifter on the market.  Produced in Germany, the CAE shifter is an extremely high-quality piece of equipment.  Often imitated, never duplicated.  If you are unsure whether the investment in a CAE shifter is worth it, just ask an owner.  We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our customers.

Nobody deals with the subject of shifting technology more intensely than CAE.  They continuously implement their experience on new vehicles. In independent cooperation with selected tuners, CAE Ultra Shifters are constantly adapted to customer requirements and the demands of the marketplace. Feedback from customers quickly flows into CAE’s series production. All this makes them the right partner for the ambitious motor sports enthusiast.

Being able shift accurately, quickly, and repeatedly during the course of a race can very easily mean the difference between winning and losing.  CAE shifters also feature innovative features such as reverse lockouts and adjustable stops to prevent damage to your transmissions internals.  We install CAE shifters in all our SpecE46 builds and highly recommend them for all our customers.  CAE offers shifting solutions for many makes and models, contact us today to see if they have one for your sports/track/race car.


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