Morehead Speed Works owns and operates a Dynojet 224x two-wheel drive dynamometer.  Our dyno was installed in 2020 and has the latest features available, including dual wide-band oxygen sensors.

Unlike many dynos, our dyno cell features more than adequate air flow thanks to a huge fan, exhaust fans, and exhaust fume extraction blowers.  We even have air conditioned forced air for the dyno operator.  The dyno cell is also surrounded by 8 inches of fireproof insulation to reduce noise and improve safety.

Dynojet is the required dynamometer for NASA power to weight classes (ST, TT, GTS) as well as classes that have a maximum power rating (SE30, SE46, etc.)

Our dyno also features a large screen display of system readouts, with the ability to print and upload required documents to your sanctioning body.

Dyno specifications
  • Max power: 2000 WHP
  • Max torque: 2000 Ftlbs.
  • Max Axle Weight: 3,000 lbs
  • Max Speed: 200 mph
  • We work with several reputable tuners
  • Epic Motorsports
  • MHD, Bootmod, JB4, etc
  • Customer Tuners
Systems Checks
  • New drive/power train breaks-ins
  • Install validations
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Leak Checks
  • NASA Power to Weight Classes
  • Max Power Class versification
  • NASA Certified Tech Inspector
  • BMWCCA Certified Tech Inspector

Dyno rates are $150 for 3 pulls (classification) or $200 per hour regardless of pulls.  Contact us if you need use of the dyno for an extended period, we can work with you depending on our schedule.

WARNING: Operating a vehicle on a dyno can be inherently dangerous.  Only MSW employees or those we designate may operate the dyno.  All customers will be required to sign a waiver and must confirm in writing that their vehicle is in good working order to conduct wide-open-throttle runs.

Any damage (to include large fluid leaks) to the dyno or dyno cell are the responsibility of the vehicle owner, and repair/clean up fees will be assessed.  Any damage that may occur to the car while conducting dyno runs are responsibility of the vehicle owner.  Your vehicle should be capable of multiple WOT runs to red line.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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