We’ve gone Hollywood…

MSW YouTube

Well, not really…. well not at all actually, but we have finally started using our YouTube channel for more than just live streams and in-car video. The Morehead Speed Works channel has started to feature some product reviews, race recaps, and other related content.  We have much more planned for the future, including Q&A videos, […]

Kinematic Speed BMW Race Shifter

Kinematic Speed Race Shifter

Over multiple race seasons, Morehead Speed Works (MSW) has been lucky enough to test and evaluate nearly every available shifter for the E30/E36/E46/E9x platforms.  Not only through our own builds, but also via a variety of customer cars that have come through the shop. Lately there has been an explosion of aftermarket shifter solutions for […]

COVID Related Delays

COVID Related Delays 4

General note to all our customers: supply chain delays are and will be affecting our product availability for some time.  Unfortunately many of our products, even those assembled in-house, use parts from all over the world.  Numerous factories were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic.  Even though most have reopened, this has created a […]