Suspension & Brakes

Your performance car’s suspension & brakes are probably the area with the most gains to be had.  A well sorted setup that helps your car generate more mechanical grip is a much faster car than one with tons of power and an inability to put that power down.  Quality race-spec components are more robust than stock and allow for easier adjustments to dial your car in.

OEM brakes can be one of the biggest limiting factor for a car driven on the track.  Stock pads and fluid easily overheat and don’t last when pushed hard, creating a very dangerous situation.  Often times a few small component upgrades is all it takes to transform your braking capability.

Shocks, Springs, and Coilovers
  • Shock upgrades to stock housings
  • Replacement springs for lowering
  • Full coilover upgrades
  • Adjustable camber & caster plates
Control Arms & Anti-Sway Bars
  • Replace non-adjustable OE arms
  • Easier adjustment & additional camber/caster
  • Stiffer & lighter adjustable sway bars
  • Reinforced mounts and more robust parts
BusHing Replacements
  • Solid bushings where beneficial
  • Replace rubber with ball joints or poly
  • Reduce undampened suspension movement
  • Improve driver feel and reliability
  • Big Brake Kits for improved performance
  • Upgraded pads, rotors, and components
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Ducting and other cooling

Chassis & Suspension Setup: Installing your new parts is only a small part of the performance equation.  The real work is done through testing and setup.  Race and performance parts offer additional or greater adjustment than stock.

A standard “street alignment” from an average tire store isn’t going to achieve the results you are looking for.  To make the most of your tires, suspension, and chassis you must have a truly dialed in setup.  We can help you achieve the results you are after through Custom AlignmentsCorner Balancing, and even Track Side Setup Support.