Your car’s drivetrain is what transfers the power your engine produces to your driven wheels and includes your transmission, drive (propeller) shaft, differential, and axles.  Your shifting mechanism and clutch/flywheel can also be considered part of this system.  There are plenty of areas for improvement here that Morehead Speed Works can help you with.

Clutch & Flywheel
  • Installation of new lightweight parts
  • Reduce rotational mass for easier rev matching
  • Increase torque holding to reduce slippage
  • More reliable and robust components
Differentials & Limited Slips
  • Change gear ratios for better performance
  • Installation of custom LSD carriers
  • Refresh stock components with new clutch packs
  • Gear cooling solutions
Shifting & Clutch Operation
  • Shorten shift throws
  • More precise shifter action
  • Reduce friction and sloppiness
  • Replace clutch slave cylinders and lines
Drivetrain Mounts & Subframes
  • Upgrades to subframes for strength and performance
  • Replace worn and soft OE bushings
  • Reinforced mounting points for on-track abuse
Axles & Bearings
  • Replace torn & deteriorated CV joints
  • Upgraded axles
  • Wheel bearing replacement
Transmissions & Driveshaft
  • Shift detent replacements
  • Input and Output Seals
  • Stiffer and even solid mount solutions
  • Flex disk (giubo) replacement