LSD Differential


Your car’s drivetrain is what transfers the power your engine produces to your driven wheels and includes your transmission, drive (propeller) shaft, differential, and axles.  Your shifting mechanism and clutch/flywheel can also be considered part of this system.  There are plenty of areas for improvement here that Morehead Speed Works can help you with.

Clutch & Flywheel
  • Installation of new lightweight parts
  • Reduce rotational mass for easier rev matching
  • Increase torque holding to reduce slippage
  • More reliable and robust components
Differentials & Limited Slips
  • Change gear ratios for better performance
  • Installation of custom LSD carriers
  • Refresh stock components with new clutch packs
  • Gear cooling solutions
Shifting & Clutch Operation
  • Shorten shift throws
  • More precise shifter action
  • Reduce friction and sloppiness
  • Replace clutch slave cylinders and lines
Drivetrain Mounts & Subframes
  • Upgrades to subframes for strength and performance
  • Replace worn and soft OE bushings
  • Reinforced mounting points for on-track abuse
Axles & Bearings
  • Replace torn & deteriorated CV joints
  • Upgraded axles
  • Wheel bearing replacement
Transmissions & Driveshaft
  • Shift detent replacements
  • Input and Output Seals
  • Stiffer and even solid mount solutions
  • Flex disk (giubo) replacement