Electrical & Data Systems

Modern cars are very dependent on their electrical systems, with both traditional analog devices as well as an ever increasing amount of digital communication.  Your performance, track, or race car is no different, only the priorities have shifted.

A great deal of complexity can be removed from a purpose-built car, giving it better reliability, performance (reduced weight), and simplified maintenance and repairs.  Morehead Speed Works can also add additional sensors and logging equipment to better monitor the health of your vehicle, as well as improve driver performance and assist in setting up your car.

Data Logging
  • Customizable and interactive loggers
  • Additional analog and digital sensors
  • Simple lap timers up to full dash replacements
  • On-board video systems with data overlays
  • Real-time telemetry for in-race monitoring
Gauges & Sensors
  • Additional and easy to read gauges
  • Sensors for unlimited monitoring
  • AFR Lambda controllers and loggers
  • Warning lights for critical parameters
  • Shift lights
Transponders & Radios
  • MyLaps (AMB) official timing transponders
  • Two-way radio communications
  • Antennae, car harnesses, push-to-talk
  • All associated wiring and setup
Lights, Switches, & Wiring
  • Auxiliary lights for night racing
  • Switches and buttons for various functions
  • Wiring for additional fans, motors, and actuators
  • Wire thinning/reduction and simplification