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AiM LogoMorehead Speed Works (MSW) is an authorized dealer for the complete line of AiM data-loggers, sensors, displays, and timing equipment.  AiM, based in Italy, is a world-renown maker of electronic equipment specifically built for the motorsports industry.  Their dash loggers can be found in everything from the aspiring club racer up to GT-3 level professional race cars.

MSW has been using and installing AiM equipment for several years and has been an official dealer since 2016.  We’ve really enjoyed their high quality components and easy to use interfaces.  Our pro customers even use AiM Solo lap timers to back-up their on-board data acquisition and allow for quick driver feedback and coaching.

AiM also offers a huge selection of plug-n-play sensors including thermocouples, pressure, temperature, AFR, speed, GPS, and much more.  To make connecting your AiM system even easier, MSW offers a line of custom sensor kits that allow for simple installation on several BMW chassis.


The AiM SmartyCam video camera is the leading motorsport video system.  It provides automated power-up, record, and stop record as well as dynamic gauge overlays.  They allow for instant viewing of video as soon as you come off track, with the empirical data to show exactly how fast you went and many other recorded inputs.

Check out our online store for AiM devices, sensors, cables, and accessories.  There’s a huge selection of sensors, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the web store, just let us know and we’ll get it added.

Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

AiM SmartyCam HD V-Bracket Mount Kit


Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

AiM Shift Light Module


Video Loggers

AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual


Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

VBOX Video HD2 GPS Antenna


Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

AiM USB Bulkhead Receptacle Kit


Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

AiM Solo DL External Power & CAN Connection Cable


Accessories, Cables, & Adapters

AiM TC Hub

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Data Loggers

AiM Solo II


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