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Schroth LogoMorehead Speed Works is proud to carry Schroth products.  We use Schroth harnesses in our builds and supply them to our customers around the country.

Over 70 years of experience in the field of occupant protection systems have made SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH the specialist for seat belts and passenger restraint systems, and the company numbers among the global market leaders in aircraft seat belts for the civil aviation sector. At production plants in Germany and Florida, USA, the company develops and manufactures a large variety of restraint systems for the aviation industry. Currently, almost all Airbus passenger airliner models feature SCHROTH cabin-crew restraint systems, and numerous other prominent airlines (e.g., Lufthansa, Air Berlin) keep their passengers safe with SCHROTH seat belts.

In addition, the company from Arnsberg in Germany also sees itself as a problem solver for specialized niche applications, such as the development of safety belts for military ground vehicles. SCHROTH not only holds a leading position on the global market in this particular sector, it is also the technology leader in seat-belt airbag systems. In another key area of operations, SCHROTH is the leading global manufacturer of motorsport seat belts. Many of the teams participating in the German Touring Car Championship and the American NASCAR racing series use SCHROTH restraint systems to secure their drivers.

Schroth FIA Center Net


SCHROTH offers this high quality Race Driver’s Net for the best in driver safety. Attaches to the cage of your race car. Made of polyester, these nets will last longer than competitor’s nylon nets – Polyester is not as susceptible to UV degradation over time.

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Schroth Profi XLT 2×2


The Profi XLT 2×2 is a super-lightweight WRC inspired 6-point profits harness.

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Schroth Enduro 2×2


This is, without a doubt, the easiest harness to use on the market.  Designed for racing that involves driver changes, but works equally well for sprint racing applications.  2″ shoulder and 2″ lap belts for best comfort and safety.

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Schroth Flexi 2×2


The Flexi 2×2 is replacing our most popular belt, the Profi II 6-H. Like it’s predecessor, the Flexi 2×2 is the benchmark for professional racing.

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Harness Mount Reinforcement Plate


MSRP: $4.99

Schroth Harness Mount Reinforcement Plate with 7/16″ thread.

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