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Morehead Speed Works (MSW) is an authorized dealer of the best shifter on the market.  Produced in Germany, the CAE shifter is an extremely high-quality piece of equipment.  Often imitated, never duplicated.  If you are unsure whether the investment in a CAE shifter is worth it, just ask an owner.  We’ve received nothing but positive […]

CAE Ultra Shifter – BMW E30 / E36 / E46

CAE E30, E36, E46 Shifter

CAE has engineered the best shifter on the market for your BMW. Proven fitment and performance on nearly every E-Code chassis. This shifter has a short and super-precise shift throw, and suitable for 5 and 6-speed transmissions.

Delays of 3-6 weeks are possible for special order or out of stock items.  CAE shifters are in high demand and precision crafted.  Call or email us beforehand to determine availability.

CAE Adjustable Selector Rod DSSR – BMW


Pair the best shifter for your BMW with the best selector rod.  We highly recommend these DSSRs when installing a CAE shifter.  They allow for precise adjustment fore and aft, as well as in rotation.  This allows you to perfectly center your shifter without educing any bind or unnecessary play.

These DSSRs feature much more precise tolerances than the stock components, removing slop from the shifter mechanism.  Reduce your chances of a mis-shift and gain a solid feel.

Vibra-Technics E36, E46, E9X Race Engine Mounts

Vibra-Technics BMW362MX

Vibra-Technics have created the ideal solid rubber engine mount for high performance race car applications

The engine mount has a billet machined housing and a high shear modulus rubber insulator at its core. It is completely fail safe making it ideal for competition car applications.


Here you can find copies of instructions for various parts that we offer.  Please let us know if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions to improve the provided directions. CAE Shifter for BMWs Cartek Battery Isolator GT Cartek Battery Isolator XR Cartek FIA Rain Lights MSW TPS sensor for E36 MSW Fuel Level […]