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Apex ARC-8 Wheel 17x9ET42

By far the most popular and affordable wheel for track day, racing, and even just street driven BMWs.

We almost exclusively use these wheels on our SpecE46s builds.  Hard to find another wheel as light, that looks as good, and is available for such a reasonable price.

All wheels have 5x120mm bolt pattern and 72.56mm center bore (BMW)

Featured Brand: MSI Racing Products

MSI Racing Products

MSI Racing Products is a full service machining facility and manufacturer that utilizes state of the art machinery to provide quality machined components for the racing industry.  Located near Mooresville, North Carolina, in the heart of the NASCAR community, MSI manufactures a product line that has evolved as a result of direct input from some of […]

Featured Brand: Rogue Engineering

Rogue Engineering

MSW is proud to offer Rogue Engineering products.  We’ve been using their outstanding transmission mounts, pedal bushings, diff covers, and lots more for years now.  We’ve always been impressed with the quality of design and materials used.   Rogue Engineering specializes in high performance products and upgrades for BMWs. Many of these upgrades have been […]